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Purpose Drives Everything We Do.

* Why Crescent

We are Your trusted partners for your financial needs.

Just as the moon evolves, so does your need for financial planning that grows with you. We are here to support you as partners through every phase of life’s journey.

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Crescent Private Wealth

Our Valued Clients.

In addition to helping you expand your wealth and create a solid financial base, we are committed to assisting you in managing your finances in alignment with your values, interests, and goals. We partner with high-net worth individuals seeking to maximize their wealth while supporting causes they care about. Our clientele often includes professionals, and we continue to warmly welcome collaboration with individuals and families who share our firm’s values. .

* Five Points

The only constant variable in life is change.

Thinking about your own life, you can’t anticipate what’s going to happen next and how your life will play out! People would go through their lives chasing the idea of what’s going to make them happy, successful and fulfilled. Whether that’s Personal or Professional Growth, Family or Community Engagement, Faith or Spirituality.

But by the time they figure it out, people feel stuck and they may have spent a lot of money! Reality is, it’s only when you look at your life backwards that you are able to see how it was all connected. But by you’ve figured it out, you can’t go back and change things.

What does all of this have to do with Financial Planning one may ask? Everything!

You see, the only constant variable in life is change; at the same time, money is a tool and at the center of your finances are what I call the five F’s: family, finance, fitness, fun and faith.

The stronger the financial base, the more able you are to run on all those dimensions. I believe that my role as a financial advisor is not to avoid surprises, but to help my clients (or you) find the right balance on all of those fronts. We can’t really control what we can’t control!

If you think about it, there’s only one thing we can do. Focus on what we can control.

In life we have to accept the inevitability of change, both in ourselves and our circumstances while finding the right balance that will help us achieve happiness and financial freedom.

The Five F’s


Your financial plan does not only have implications for you, but also your family. Whether it’s saving for college, creating a legacy, or taking a vacation to spend more time with them, your plan is designed with your loved ones in mind.


One crucial part of our process is doing the math, running the scenarios, creating the models, and laying them all out in a way that you can understand. We leverage our years of experience and cutting-edge technology to deliver to you the details you need to have confidence in your future.


What is life without a little enjoyment? We are always competing between money and time to fit in fun. Whether you want to travel, play more golf, visit your grandchildren more, or be adventurous, we help solve the planning around money so that you can budget your time to enjoy.


People forget that a big part of your long-term happiness is your fitness and your health. Our first goal is to help empower you to live a healthy, fulfilled lifestyle. Our second goal is to help minimize financial worry of poor health with proactive planning.


Your faith is an integral part of your life. Your plan should reflect your values, wishes, and hopes. Whether it is giving back, supporting causes that you care deeply about, or sharing in a community of others who share your faith, that is a part of our financial planning process.

Discovering Your Purpose


After the initial contact and verification, we’ll schedule a meeting we often refer to as the discovery meeting. We’ll introduce ourselves, briefly discuss your finances, explain our process to you and let you know what documents and information we need to move forward. During this meeting, we want you to talk about you — your goals, dreams, passions. At the end, we want to have a clear picture of you, your values, your purpose and your vision for your life.

Presenting Opportunities


From the information and documentation you supply, we’ll create a net worth and cash-flow statement. Along with this, we’ll present ideas and opportunities for how we can partner together and how we can help you achieve the vision you have for your life. This customized presentation will include detailed information as well as the next steps if we decide to move forward with our partnership.

Moving Forward


If we do decide to work together, we’ll start the process of transferring assets and implementing your plan. During the first year, we’ll set up several appointments to focus on specific topics like education funding, retirement planning, long-term care, cash flow, insurance protection and estate planning. These in-depth discussions will help guide our management plan going forward. And, of course, we are available any time to answer questions, provide guidance or just have a chat.